Survival instinct

One night I went to check up on my sleeping five-year-old. Her bed was empty and her bedroom window was open. There was no screen to the window, just a child-sized entrance to our third floor balcony. I called out her name and no reply. I searched our small apartment…Continue Reading

Motherhood a la me

I’ve been reading Adrienne Rich, Sara Ruddick, and Susan Maushart. There’s a lot to read about institutionalized motherhood and eading to the difference between authentic mothering and inauthentic mothering. Institutionalized motherhood is what has been constructed in our capitalist, patriarchal culture. It is about being the perfect mother. It is about…Continue Reading

Growing up or down?

I got what I call my grown up haircut. The real reason is because my tresses were destroyed and uneven after matting, sectional shaves, and many colours. Yet I heard my voice, tiny, telling the hairstylist it was because I simply did not have enough time in the mornings to…Continue Reading