My How-To book proposal

Dear publisher, I would like to sell you a how-to book on how to live properly within a home environment. Too many non-mother family members are left vulnerable; unable to use Google or to make any effort to learn how these basic things work. Managing a household could be a shared…Continue Reading

Our Grandmothers’ Recipes

An ongoing series, ‘Our Grandmothers’ Recipes’ will share our histories. Submissions may include actual recipes, memories, photos, and anything else participants think is important when submitting. I am so grateful for those who have submitted so far! Submit as often as you like 🙂 Submissions may be sent to…Continue Reading

Head lice and Canadian schools

With 2.4 million cases per year in Canada, according to Lice Squad, head lice (Pediculus humanus capitis) are the second most communicable affliction among school-aged children after the common cold. Lice infestations are attributed to head to head contact – sleepovers, close play, sharing hair combs and hats, even selfie…Continue Reading

Adopted – no papers

I am adopted; unless bureaucratic process is more important than love, security, and caregiving. I was adopted when I was 17 years old, a few months before turning 18. I found a stable family at a time when, traditionally, kids are leaving the home for the first time, off to start…Continue Reading