My IUD IOUs me my skin

CW IUD removal, my cervix It is with great sadness that I announce my divorce with my IUD. Though we had an otherwise perfect relationship – light to no periods, little cramping, no pregnancies – it gave me cystic acne. After many minty doses of Spironolactone (pro-tip, take it with…Continue Reading

IUDid it

CW: Menstrual blood – ahhhhhhh!! My uterus!! But really this shouldn’t all be a shocker as we are talking about birth control. Remember how I went to a consultation about getting an IUD inserted? On February 11 I stood outside at the back of Toronto’s Old City Hall with other…Continue Reading

What I’ve learned about IUDs

Update: Read about the insertion here. I went to Toronto’s Women’s College Hospital for a consultation regarding IUDs. IUD stands for Intra-Uterine Device. Acronyms sounds less scary though. Before the consultation I figured a fishhook would be shoved up my body, tearing up everything in its path. I have also…Continue Reading