Nothing has made me aware of mortality as much as my daughter has. Nothing has made me care about life as much as my daughter has. I didn’t care all too much about life before my daughter was born. My mom died, my dad kept finding family and friends to…Continue Reading

Survival instinct

One night I went to check up on my sleeping five-year-old. Her bed was empty and her bedroom window was open. There was no screen to the window, just a child-sized entrance to our third floor balcony. I called out her name and no reply. I searched our small apartment…Continue Reading

Fuck it

Yesterday, I said, fuck it. Nothing was going right. The bus was late. I hadn’t eaten. I forgot an assignment. My work lost my pay cheque. If I took her my daughter to karate it would mean three more buses and little time to go to the dinner we had…Continue Reading

To P

Sometimes I catch myself thinking about the things I miss out on by being a parent. The places I can’t go, the events I miss. Boyfriends have told me they love me, but not the fact that I’m a mother, as if one has nothing to do without the other.…Continue Reading