Almost two months into my graduate studies and I am already fed up with a lot of things. I am, however, looking forward to writing this final research paper in the summer. My life has always been about paperwork. The state has created my identity through checklists and records. I…Continue Reading


Here’s this big fat awful truth: I’m friends with my daughter. It isn’t my fault she’s the coolest person in the world (well, it kind of is.) I know you’re not supposed to be. But my wonderful life has been built upon what isn’t supposed to be. I shouldn’t be…Continue Reading

What’s in a name?

When my older sister didn’t want people to know her baby names right away, some people laughed: “That’s so silly, they’re just names.” Except they’re not. For some reason people are absolute jerks about what other people name their kids. When I was pregnant a lot of people let me know…Continue Reading