Head lice and Canadian schools

With 2.4 million cases per year in Canada, according to Lice Squad, head lice (Pediculus humanus capitis) are the second most communicable affliction among school-aged children after the common cold. Lice infestations are attributed to head to head contact – sleepovers, close play, sharing hair combs and hats, even selfie…Continue Reading

My IUD IOUs me my skin

CW IUD removal, my cervix It is with great sadness that I announce my divorce with my IUD. Though we had an otherwise perfect relationship – light to no periods, little cramping, no pregnancies – it gave me cystic acne. After many minty doses of Spironolactone (pro-tip, take it with…Continue Reading

Body love

In an attempt to create a body-loving world within our home, I may have been body shaming my six-year-old In the shower she looks at me, “I eat and eat, but I got to eat more!” I smile at her, as I do at most things she says, “To grow?”…Continue Reading