The Breastfeeding Club

People lose their minds over breastfeeding. I breastfed P for a year. I had awesome boobs and my greedy-guts child had no problems whatsoever latching. I am lucky because I’ve heard horror stories about babies not latching or milk not producing. That is one extra stress I am grateful to…Continue Reading

Co-sleeping is cool

Patience and I have co-slept, sharing a room or bed, the majority of nights since she was born. I do not regret co-sleeping (edit from 2015 – the future!) The time spent in the hospital after P’s birth included us sleeping in our own beds side by side, and her taking…Continue Reading

Misfit Exclusive!

Love the Tattooed Mommy necklace featured in the new header? Check out Etsy shop Running with Scissors! Enter coupon code “1HOTPOSTMAN” for free shipping! It’s such a sugar and spice kinda shop, I’ve fallen in love with pretty much everything there already :p I write other stuff too! Check out