Peace Club: A Diary

This is a story about Peace club

The kidlet decided to start ‘Peace Club’ at her school. The purpose of the club is something vague about helping students find their inner peace. What I believe, from the countless hours they have talked about Peace Club, is that it is a space where my child can boss other children around. The first plans of this club were about making firm seating plans, having a time out chair, and only allowing younger kids to join. With the help of friends, the lil one plastered the school with handmade posters – one of which says “Rules Peace” which may have been an error and was meant to say “Peace Rules” but also, the club seems to be a lot about rules and kinda peace. The club is principal approved, the kids got to make a morning announcement, and a teacher agrees to lend their supervision and space for 15 minutes at the beginning of lunch once a week. I am to supply treats.

Day 1: The kids have a walkie talkie to alert the principal if they need help, this power has not yet been used. two boys kept talking about, and drawing, penises. One girl drew a beautiful flower. I sent Timbits.

Later on in the week, a short lived gang of Grade 4 and 5s threatened to destroy Peace Club.

Day 2: The two club leaders fought over whose treats would be eaten by club members. Time ran out before anyone could eat anything. I made banana bread, the other option was chocolate cake.

Day 3: A mutiny has happened! The youngin’ says that their co-leader is calling all the shots. I made no treats, nor did I send any.

What will next semester bring for Peace Club? Stay tuned …

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