What’s with #WitchyWednesdays

If you follow Misfit Matriarch on Twitter and Facebook, you may have noticed the Witchy Wednesdays hashtag. This was inspired by Samantha Lapierre, a really cool person who helped me when I ran FIRE- Feminist Internet Resource Exchange. When she began doing social media for the website, she suggested using this hashtag, and although I let go of FIRE, I saw the hashtag as a perfect fit for a blog about deviance and motherhood. Additionally, researching witches and witchcraft has become my life academically as I begin my graduate studies.

For the last two years my academic research has been looking at witches and witchcraft as political entities. Motherhood, sexualities, deviance, and resistance have been recurring themes in the literary and academic texts I am reading as well as in the interviews I conduct. I have begun publishing these ideas in the freelance work I do and hope a book comes out of it (literary agents, publishers, come to me!) Witchcraft and motherhood are my passions and life, and so this will become more prominent in my writing, I’m sure, but also makes way for naming and sharing sources of information.

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