Feminist mothers and the people who boo us

I was interviewed by a Masters of Social Work student for their research on feminist mothering. When they left I felt a whole lot of feelings.

The interviewer made me so comfortable my answers poured out. Without my concious realizing, these answers have been eagerly waiting to overflow from their waiting place underneath my tongue.

Feminist mothering involves a values system, just like Sunday church visits may for others. Yet, feminism is seen as deviant, in my case at least, where church may be the norm. Regardless, with these values my daughter learns about body confidence, empathy, and agency. My child knows to speak up and that their voice should be heard just as much as anyone else’s. They understand that feelings are valid, not frivolous. They learn this not only from me but from a larger community, full of inspiration and wisdom.

We want what is best for our children and this is what I see as best for my child and the adult they will become. And though some may try to bully me for having these values, I have been learning and growing too, so I see these bullies for who they are.

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