My IUD IOUs me my skin

CW IUD removal, my cervix

It is with great sadness that I announce my divorce with my IUD. Though we had an otherwise perfect relationship – light to no periods, little cramping, no pregnancies – it gave me cystic acne. After many minty doses of Spironolactone (pro-tip, take it with chocolate milk for a mint chocolate medication extravaganza), rude beauty product sales ladies, and the seniors I volunteer with questioning, “What happened to [my] face?” my self-esteem could no longer take it. The first 11 months after insertion were A-OK, but by the year mark the acne came. And it was really mean acne, hurt my face, hurt my heart, hurt my soul kind of acne. Two months after removal and I am left with scars, but they will fade (Lush’s Full of Grace serum is helping).

I was pretty freaked about having my lil ex removed. The insertion, paps, and vaginal ultrasounds have all been pretty darn unfun do to my right leaning cervix. However, the removal only took a few seconds. I didn’t need to wait for my period like I did with the insertion. The only prep I needed was to abstain from sex for a week.

I’m not sharing this to freak anyone out, but to empathize with anyone who had to break up with their own IUDs after such betrayal. Also, to ask, what are the best deals on condoms out there?

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