To the best friends in the world

There are the people who swore they would always be in my daughter’s life; in our life. A lot of those people were soon nowhere to be found. But this post isn’t about them. This is about the loving network that is larger than any superficial promises and fair-weather friends.

This post is about the fellow mama who bought my clothes designer prodigy cut the sleeves off of hers.

The friends who the babes can drama nerd out with; actually, all the friends who encourage her nerdiness.

The friend who, with their family, took the kidlet to the Poop Café when I couldn’t bring myself too, and who told the lil one that she was “family for the day.”

The friends who don’t babysit, they hang out with her.

The friends whose gifts she treasures.

The friends who do not shy away from her questions about ADHD, death, and menstruation.

The friends who low-key pay for our meals (holy moly <3)

The friends who stocked our fridge when we needed it.

The friends who send me links pertaining to her interests.

The friend who got us free art camp!

The friends who dedicate songs to her.

The friends who come to her birthdays.

The friends who came to her surprise tea party!

The friends who include her.

The friends who come to her recitals, parades, performances, and art shows.

Our femme pals who are her role models.

Our masculine friends who are not above feminized labour and care for her without hesitation.

The friends who ask to hang out with her, “Can P come out and play?”

The friends who travel to us.

The friends who get her ‘just because they reminded me of you’ gifts.

The friends who send us physical mail.

The friends who remind me I am a great mom.

The friends who appreciate her sense of fashion.

The friends who are always rooting for her.

The friends who drive us about.

The friends who keep her ‘flash’ portfolio out front with theirs at the tattoo shop.

The friends who take her to the bathroom at restaurants so I can keep eating.

The friends who love her.

The friends you love us.

The friends who are family.

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