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In a society where protests are held when hearing school curriculums will use the word ‘vagina’ instead of ‘flower’, I fear as a mother of a daughter ,next generations won’t know what to do in cases of sexual assault; like so many of us don’t today. People I speak to outside of the activist scene, people who have never picked up the works of feminist academics, are shocked when I tell them how my friend Mandi Gray has been treated throughout the judicial process. What the majority of these people knew of rape cases was the misogynistic victim blaming surrounding the Ghomeshi trial.

Slut or Nut: The Diary of a Rape Trial will help young women and girls find a relatable narrative, a common one that is uncommonly spoken about. It will offer guidance, solace, and an articulation of complicated feelings and complicated processes. It will let the general public know how outdated our institutions are in how they handle these cases, and how dangerous it is to not change these things. It will let people of all backgrounds and power know how to help. This film lets the voices that are systematically silenced be heard; something that I feel is of an extreme importance but is rarely prioritized.

Once this film is completed, there will be screenings, and accompanying educational materials. Additionally, it is hoped that it can be put on YouTube so people can access it for free. Slut or Nut‘s Indiegogo page will be up for the next two days, and is just over $1300 away from its goal. Please visit this page, watch the videos, read the info, and donate if you can!

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