Reasons why my kid has called home from school

My daughter seems to have a personal line from her school. A system was put in place to monitor her calls home, but that lasted a week. I get a call at least once a week. Here are some reasons why:

  • She ate soap, can she come home?
  • She feels she has done enough work today, can she come home?
  • She feels like going home. So, if I could call her she will be school until 3ish and I can reach her there. After that I will need to reach her at daycare.
  • To tell on pretty much anyone and everyone who has ever wronged her in any way.
  • Because she got in trouble for finding a salt bucket and throwing it on the snow. She wanted the snow to go away.
  • She ate seven grilled cheese sandwiches, can she go home?
  • Just to chat.
  • She knows I’m busy, but what about her step-dad, is he free?
  • She drank eight glasses of water, can she come home?
  • Her friend would like to talk to me.

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