The Western Militarization of Motherhood

Western military understands the influence a mother has over her family. Like with any women’s power, the state wants to control this influence. This paper will look at the process the state goes through in order to gain control from mothers over the family home. This includes the perpetuation of limiting, socially constructed gender role scripting: that men protect the population and women reproduce it.  mother is told that in order to !e a good mother, she will prioritize national pride !efore all else and sacrificeher children for the so”called good of the nation. The state’s military also maintains racial and class hierarchies.  good mother means a white, middle class, heteronormative mother caring for the #tandard $orth merican %amily. nyone outside of this character is deviant, however they can lessen this deviant title !y aiding the military, and this idea is manipulated in the state’s favour. The safety and rights of women and children are often used to rationalize war it is women and families who are hurt !y it. Whether it is thesacrifice of children !y mothers, the high rates of domestic assault within military families, or the patriarchal moral regulation of all women in general, the military’s interest in the rights of women is shallow at !est. &n this paper & argue that western militarized motherhood is a part of patriarchal, institutionalized mothering. ‘ender roles and national interests re(uire mothers to !e martyrs !y sacrificing their sons for their country) a lot of work and money goes toward propagating this.

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