Empowerment through creation

Women have used making arts and crafts as a way to stimulate their minds through creativity as a way to maintain a sense of agency. In Miriam Toews’s Summer of My Amazing Luck the women at Half-A-Life Housing would make crafts like friendship bracelets, piñatas, and even sex toys. They…Continue Reading

The Western Militarization of Motherhood

Western military understands the influence a mother has over her family. Like with any women’s power, the state wants to control this influence. This paper will look at the process the state goes through in order to gain control from mothers over the family home. This includes the perpetuation of limiting, socially constructed gender role scripting: that men protect…Continue Reading

Patriarchal, Empowering, and Feminist Mothering

In lecture on February 22, my Mothering and Motherhood professor Andrea O’Reilly said empowered mothering is better for children. She also says that empowered motherhood is mothering in disloyalty to patriarchal culture. On March 14, in tutorial, we discussed the differences between patriarchal, empowering, and feminist mothering. Patriarchal motherhood is…Continue Reading