Children’s Discovery Centre

Toronto’s Children’s Discovery Centre, for children 6 and under will be open every day this break from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. I was invited to visit the centre with my nephew last May for the grand opening, and we both had a lot of fun! I wrote about our experience at my old family blog at Anokhi Media.  According to a February 26 press release, the pilot project was expected to end this past September. However, the centre will remain open until May 31. I sincerely suggest checking it out, it won me points with my nephew and I want the same for you! Not from my nephew, yours. Get your own nephew.

The centre is a 20, 000 square foot space, and if you glaze over numbers like I do, this means it is one floor that has enough room for different centres with themes like Space, Music, Animal Hospital, Art, Drama, Food … there’s a lot of creativity going on here. Every centre is designed by Early Childhood Educators and Ontario Certified Teachers.

Photo courtesy of Children’s Discovery Centre

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