My blog is an angry four year old

This blog has been going for four years now! I’m going to get sentimental on you all and say thank you so much for the support. I like to laugh at my hate mail so much, sometimes I forget to acknowledge how many messages of support I receive.

We all have so much in common!

To the people who thank me for articulating what they have been going through, your messages always make my day. I am happy that I can use what I love most – writing and mommyhood – to help. Also, a huge thanks to those who are not parents, but message me to ask questions or to say they were more patient than usual with a crying baby on the bus that day. And of course, anyone who says I am smart and/or funny, I straight up adore you.

I have a very big male readership; I think this is noteworthy since it is very important for everyone to know that parenthood is not strictly a woman’s job or interest. The female-only nurturing role is a social construct and I think this stat hints at this.

Since starting this blog I have become more involved with social activist projects, have received my diploma in journalism, and have started my BA in women and gender studies. I have bylines online and in print with different publications. I’ve been interviewed for magazines, radio, newspapers, and on film. My baby is in Grade 2 now, I’ve acquired a few more cats, and my partner has moved in. I’m living the last days as a twenty-something parent. Time has passed and experience has been gained. I have met so many wonderful people along the way, who have taught me so much.

I have recently gone through the blog and realized how much I have grown, and how open I am to continue doing so. I kept a lot of posts up, because I think growth is important to document, but I have deleted a couple.

One had a subtle racism to it that I did not realize until coming back to it. It was making light of the “gangster rap” culture appropriated by suburban white kids. That’s where I was living at the time and did not realize how problematic making light of appropriation was. Honestly, I didn’t even know the word at that point. I am pretty embarrassed about this post, and it’s place in the original prints of my first zine. I want to apologize for this, and though it was not intended to offend anyone it may have and that is totally not cool. At the time I thought I was making fun of dumb white kids, now I know differently.

The other post has to do with how I used to really look up to Craig Kielburger. If you don’t know him he is a privileged white guy who started a foundation to help kids doing factory work in other countries. I don’t think he and his work are inherently evil. Free the Children was an ambitious project for a twelve-year-old and his buds. I do think, however, that there is a western supremacist, white saviour factor at play. Also, his organizations have many a corporate sponsors that they are terrified of making mad (I had a job interview with Me to We years ago, and the fantasy came crashing down). A friend of mine posed that for a kid, he had some pretty cool politics. However, this liberal “us” saving “them” binary hasn’t really matured since, and this is where the problem lays.

I am owning up to these mistakes because I want to show that I am human and where I am at right now. Hopefully in another four years I have grown even more. I would also like to say thanks for putting up with that lull period. The reason Misfit Matriarch has become a regular thing again is because of all the encouragement and support I have received from around the globe. I tear up whenever someone mentions this blog in conversation with me or my friends, not realizing who this lil blogger is.

That’s it. Tomorrow I’ll post something angry and sarcastic.



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