There’s this thing with firsts. They are milestones, they are new, they are exciting.

I get it, I do.I’m as sentimental as they come.

The flip side to the highs of firsts are the disappointments, the anti-climax. When it is all done and you are left confused and melancholy: What now?

Things don’t always go as planned. A mother-in-law may hijack your first Mother’s Day or those first words will be uttered the day you’re away as were the first steps taken. It is easy to get upset about- these are the firsts! But the first shouldn’t over shadow the lifetimes after, the present times enjoyed and the future to look forward to.

After the first word, first steps, first day of school, what else is there?

A whole lifetime! That afternoon spent with your six-year-old that marked no milestones but will forever stay in your heart, the memories of the all the many, many, mornings waking up to someone special (a child, lover, fur baby) The rough days you beat and the bright days that surprised you; all changing your life path.

Firsts can be amazing, unforgettable. They can also hurt and punch you in the gut. Or perhaps worse, leave no impact at all.

It is not about the firsts in life, but the life itself. So relax <3

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