The NIMBY folk in Etobicoke

Here in Toronto we have the Ford brothers, two vile, privileged, entitled, and horrible, disgusting people. They are just awful, rotten to the core. Lately, Doug Ford has faced much-deserved backlash for his comments attacking a residential home for developmentally disabled youth.

Other offenders hid behind anonymity when telling writer Tamara Shephard and the Etobicoke Guardian how they felt about the Griffin Centre: some said the home is a good idea, as long as it isn’t in their neighbourhood, another suggested the kids go live on a farm.

“What do I say to my three kids under the age of seven when one of these kids freaks out?” asked one woman, who declined to give her name. “When my child says, ‘Mommy, why are there police here again?’ What do I say?”

You privileged, stuck up, sickening person. It is not the fault of autistic children that you cannot act like a decent human being when parenting. Did you know there is a land of less affluent neighbourhoods? A world outside your sheltered bubble? In the neighbourhoods my daughter has lived in, she has seen cop cars. She has encountered people who are visibly mentally ill. They have -gasp- interacted with her. I’ve explained that some people’s minds become ill, like other parts of the body can.

She already seems to have a better understanding of humanity than these adults. When she grows up, she certainly won’t be attacking a home helping disable youth.

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