Save the Red Door

Originally posted at  Condo developers have their eyes on 875 Queen St. E, home of Red Door Family Shelter. The Red Door website reads: “The building that houses our long-term home has been put into receivership and is now being bid on by condo developers, leaving the Red Door Family…Continue Reading

The NIMBY folk in Etobicoke

Here in Toronto we have the Ford brothers, two vile, privileged, entitled, and horrible, disgusting people. They are just awful, rotten to the core. Lately, Doug Ford has faced much-deserved backlash for his comments attacking a residential home for developmentally disabled youth. Other offenders hid behind anonymity when telling writer…Continue Reading

What’s in a name?

When my older sister didn’t want people to know her baby names right away, some people laughed: “That’s so silly, they’re just names.” Except they’re not. For some reason people are absolute jerks about what other people name their kids. When I was pregnant a lot of people let me know…Continue Reading