I don’t hate Frozen

Spoiler alerts ahead …

Frozen is a big deal in our home, as it is in many homes, especially those who acquired the DVD earlier this week. Unlike every other “princess” movie, save Brave, I am not cringing over this. In fact, I am happy I have something silly to bond with my daughter over (or, even some friends. Let It Go is really catchy.)

I don’t let shit like Snow White and Sleeping Beauty in our home. It sneaks in sometimes in the form of a relative’s gift, but I think this has been happening less since I have been more vocal about my distaste for characters; the whitest, I mean, fairest, of them all using their only quality – beauty – to catch a man despite a jealous “uglier” woman’s evil plans. It is all women are objects … who hate each other! Rah rah!

So we have our talks about this, she roles her eyes at me, but she gets it. I don’t care when she wears princess costume get-ups because it is her choice to make and I maintain an environment where it isn’t the only choice she has.

Frozen came along and she really digs it. (If we’re playing favourites, I still prefer Merida.) Elsa and Anna are Disney royalty that I am not opposed to. Do I think the movie was feminist? No. The sisters are the ideal formulated beauties and there isn’t any political message. I do not think it is offensive, as a feminist, either.

Oh, Merida
Oh, Merida

It is a story where the sisters share the all-powerful true love and not some prince charming. I don’t have a problem with one of the ladies having a boyfriend at the end, that’s A OK to have a relationship; It isn’t what the movie is about. Also, from the perspective of someone with pesky social anxiety issues, Elsa is cool (HAHA!) to me.

It is nice to share something with my kiddo, when I am so busy saying, “don’t believe that garbage” at every other screen we pass. So, Disney, I’m not giving you a standing ovation but I am saying thanks for not pumping out another Sleeping Beauty that I have to ban like the evil witch a feminist mom is made to be.

PS – The first to comment on this posted her musical take, check it out, made me giggle:

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