Single moms are the worst

I’m not sure when it happened exactly, I’m assuming it predates divorce. This group of people becoming the scapegoat, the drain on society, the reason why your tax dollars are ill spent. People seem to hate single moms. PS I just put links willy nilly about single mom hate in this intro … single moms also never link properly. They do this intentionally to ruin your lives.

There is this thought process that justifies it. The woman, and the woman alone, made a bad life choice. And the child is always an “accident.” But wait, I was engaged and my daughter was planned. I saved money, I have a post-secondary education. I did all the “right” things. But right things aren’t enough. Savings are spent on family court custody cases, relationships don’t come with a guarantee, you need daycare to go to work and your wages are spent daycare fees.

You can either be a “deadbeat” stay at home mom in a pajamas uniform , or a “selfish neglectful” working mom.  In one instance you are financially screwed, the other you are unavailable when the school calls you saying your kiddo is sick and needs to go home.

And no matter what, no matter the arrangement with your child’s other parent, no matter your feelings (even good ones) toward each other, as a single mom you are damaging your child by keeping a male influence out of their life. Fact. Also, let us reiterate the fact that all single moms are stealing our hard earned tax money. All the time they are!

There are a lot of assumptions made about single mothers, and they all seem to be socially acceptable.

Except for in movies. In movies, single moms are adorably frazzled and win it all despite her apparent underdog status.

And then there are the supposed perks; like the “weekends away” from your children. I would trade those for the emotional and – yes – financial support of a partner. I would trade them to fill that pillow beside me in bed. To have some effing human contact.

The pains of parenthood are not reserved for single mothers, of course not. But geeze louise, people need to fuck right off with their pre-determined images of single-motherhood.

I guess the answer is don’t have children- even if you have that picture perfect family. Because separation and divorce are pretty common. And never let birth control fail. Oh, but also, if you can’t afford to raise a child, or are unable to for non-financial reasons, you can’t have an abortion either.

I am very proud of where I am, and how my daughter is raised. I guess I just wanted to say, mind your own fucking business. My kid rocks. And so do I. We are this awesome rocking mini family of rocking perfection.

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