I’ve been paying more attention to celebrity life and how it mingles with feminism lately. The pukey glitz has been extra noticeable. Two (hilarious) women hosted The Golden Globes and anti-women noise happened. Jezebel body shamed Lena Dunham (they body shame everyone) and wasn’t voted most popular for it. And I remained bored by everything because I can’t seem to care about award shows and the clothes of rich people. I was relieved (and sad) to see this poster at the subway station the other day.

This new campaign features mock celeb mag cover posters and faux entertainment TV ads in an attempt to shift our culture’s celebrity obsessed attention to single mothers living in poverty.

Behind it is the award-winning program, Homeward Bound. WoodGreen Community Centre, a poverty-fighting organization that helps those in need find employment, health services and housing, backs the four-year-old effort. Homeward Bound in particular helps struggling single mothers earn a college diploma, find a job, affordable housing and childcare.

Testimonials on the Homeward Bound website and their YouTube share the stories of women who escaped abusive relationships, became sick and left in financial ruin and those who were forced to face unforeseeable rough circumstances. It is widely known that single-parenthood isn’t easy, but it is very hard to explain how hard it really is.


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