Ask for help!

Finally getting comfortable in my own skin, and being rid of the poisonous people that once were welcomed in my life, I feel I should be able to do it all.

Be the perfect mother: always patient, wise, stimulating, attentive and a positive role model. The best of friends: Never missing an event, always available and never taking more than I give. The perfect lover: Forever gorgeous, witty, a strong support. Plus a great housekeeper, in possession of a thriving career, while volunteering on the side. I also cook in this magical world – only the healthiest of meals. Oh, and I go to the gym and work out efficiently and never get intimidated by those machines that do who knows what. I mean, I know what.

So I got pneumonia. Figuring I could sleep off the hallucinations, severe breathing problems, mucous all over the place and hot flashes I didn’t see a doctor until Day 9 (Today is my last day on antibiotics!) I also didn’t ask for help until Day 5.

But I cracked and called home to my chosen family. They drove to the city, cleaned P’s room, got me medicine and took her for two nights. They would have kept her longer but after the rest I figured I could take her back.

Apparently pneumonia kills people. It is said to be a big deal. And while I lay there, one night thinking when I closed my eyes that I may not wake up, while my five-year-old poured cereal on her own bed for no apparent reason, I didn’t want to be a bother. What I didn’t realize is people who love you want to help you. They want to do anything to make you feel better. They love you the same way you love them. Sure, some may have flown the coop when presented with the shiny new “Hey, I’m a parent now” you. Or others may have help that come with oh-so-many strings attached – those who stay are magical, let them work it. And know you are lucky to have them <3

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