Single parenting is pretty damn normal

In an otherwise kind of glum Future of Children article on the subject of single parent households came this truth: “Regardless of family structure, the quality of parenting is one of the best predictors of children’s emotional and social well-being.”

Today, it isn’t unusual to have a family photo on the wall featuring only one adult. But, the media and social norms carried on from grouchy old people (To be fair, some of them survived the effing war so, fine – grump away)

Just know there are support groups like, Parents Without Partners (in Canada and the US) and companies are coming up with ideas to get into our wallets too (Single parent family vacation packages are offered at places like Beaches and Signature Vacations.) We’re being marketed towards, folks, we’re mainstraming! Wait a sec …

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Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 3.24.51 PM

As soon as it started growing, she got stopped everywhere.

Still does. The blonde spirals prompting memories of Shirley Temple and Goldie Locks nick names. It grows wild like an animal yet spirals like birthday present ribbon. And every strand has an issue. A hair out of place is an invitation to judge. By those who don’t matter. The uninspiring family members, the fair-weather friends and the never to be seen again passerby. Let the braiding be done by the ones deserving of stepping through the threshold of our hearts.

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