Don’t sacrifice inspiration and passion. Ever.

My blog is two years old now and it got me thinking…

As soon as we become parents, we’re grown-ups – right? We don’t chase the dream anymore; we buckle down and find stability. Stability is good; it’s comfortable and “they” say it is healthy for children. But in addition to being a provider to my child, I want to inspire her. Writing isn’t exactly a stable gig. Egos grow and egos get crushed – hard. And these past four years of school and internships haven’t been great on the wallet. But I’ve been happy, which means P is happy. For the sake of putting food on the table, after this internship I will be looking for a stable job in not just writing, but communications, administration, whatever can pay the bills. But that won’t stop the late nights, the journals, story pitching and the chicken scratched notepads. It won’t stop my drive because my daughter is extraordinary and I don’t want her to settle. I want her dreams to come true, because that is what she did for me. Also, I don’t want YOU to give up. I want to help you buddy! Go back to school – Torontonians check out things like University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies. Or take a new class, meet new people, I’m totally going to Toronto library classes myself. Read good books and eat bad food. Please don’t give up on your passions and let’s inspire our cubs <3

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