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3143_263948017040893_1897229401_nThe woman is trying to keep our hair on end by sticking her finger in every creative socket. She’s a shutterbugging, word scribbling musician. Behind the mic Jenine Daubney becomes J9. Oh ya, she’s  mama bird to a couple of baby chicks too.

The description on her Facebook page, written by Conan Caine, reads, “Don’t let the pretty face fool ya! This girl is as hardcore as it comes. You mess with her, she’ll fuck you up. Stand in the way of her music, or her parenting, and be sure to lose a couple of teeth in the process!”

Her words shape the story of a kid who spent their teenage years hitchhiking and hopping freight trains throughout North America. “I was a fucked up little chicken before I left Toronto,” says Miss J9. “But there, my problems were minor in comparison to what Van City had in store for me.” The artist says she stayed in different Vancouver group homes, describing them as government run squats. “I ran with punk rockers and hoodlums. It gave me a good foundation to start establishing street ethics and code. Van is where I went full fledge into the lifestyle and drug scene.”

Eulogies, a song she says haunts her, “was written for all the dead homies who were dropping like flies.” Her lyrics may ressurect ghosts and closeted skeletons, but they also provide a release for the artist. J9 is sharing her time capsule while paving her and her family a rock solid future.

“I hope you all will listen to these newly released tracks off of Rock Solid. I bared my soul in these songs, and I hope people out there can connect and take something from my tracks! Respect to all of you showing a girl some love.”

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  1. Hey! Love this article! I’m trying to access the link on my phone, which might be the problem, but it’s broken. 🙁
    I tried googling this artist but J9 brings up quite a few irrelevant sites. You did such a great job promoting this mama artist! Is there another link to check her out?

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