My really bad experience with my daughter’s first school

10659076_10154459690040478_2833984983585131122_oDo you have any school complaints? I can’t be alone.

Her daycare was so awesome, I loved them, she loved them. And then, this school happened.

Sorry for going missing – our little family not only moved cities but caught awesome summer time fevers!

Along with these menacing germs, summer brang the end of my daughter’s first school year. JK is but a thing of the past- a really annoying past full of administration errors and judgment.

Before going into this I should say the local school had just opened and was a combination of several recently closed schools. By the looks of it, they did not have time to prepare. So I understood when they did not let my daughter on the bus home on her first day. The bus that was late in the first place. And I sort of understood why they didn’t contact me, or the three emergency numbers I provided them with. OK, I’m lying. On my way into the school I muttered something about knocking people out, much to the delight of some huddled eighth graders. However, I tried really hard to get their mistake, that they didn’t even have the courtesy skills to say, “Sorry.”

The last time I went to the building was for Market Day. We made Rice Krispie squares and painted shells to sell, alongside similar vendors (The shells were a weird hit) to raise money for Free the Children. It was also Take Your Parent to Kindergarten Day. Where I got to witness kids, whose parents forgot to send money with them, be left behind as the rest of the class went to Market Day festivities. I offered the KINGERGARTENERS money, but the teacher said no, because maybe their parents did not want them to participate. Did the teachers call the parents to double check? No. They don’t have time for that, not like when they call home to scold me for packing fruit in a lunch. They would rather break little children’s hearts.

Prior to this, I got a call from my daughter’s teacher – two calls and a note home. My little one, my little dramatic moochy one, told her teacher she had no lunch and that she was starving. Without checking to see that there was a full lunch, and snacks, packed in the kid’s bag the teacher believed the FOUR-YEAR-OLD. She gave her a bagel instead. They did not open the child’s lunch box to see if there was a lunch. I asked the teacher about this and she said she saw some fruit on P’s desk but nothing else, and that she didn’t actually check before calling me and sending passive aggressive notes  home. So I went to the school because I feared them, given they threatened to call CAS when I was a few minutes late picking my child up, though I called in advance to give them a heads up.  I asked around: one of my best friend’s mother is a principal herself, she said though a principal has the right to do that under the claim it is abandonment it is not a conversation she would ever have in my circumstance, considering I called, ahead of time, like the principal even admitted, many parents do.

Anyway, the school was stupid and unorganized. Now that we’ve moved the wee one is on the waiting list for an alternative school that focuses on getting kids outside, teaching about the environment and social justice. In the meantime she is in a typical public school. I feel this year will go better because since we are not in Oshawa, I will not be judged and looked down upon for being a low income single mom “Just like the rest.”

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