Imagination doesn’t need batteries


I don’t think a child’s imagination is given enough credit.

Though touted by marketers as a toy-gimmick, it is something that occurs naturally. We’re told we need to be stimulating our young minds constantly. Yet, somewhere along the line family bonding lost to big company gadgets. Imagination needs batteries and expansion sets.

I live in a low-income neighbourhood, school bus stop chatter consists of the need of children needing their own TV, computer and gaming system in their room; separate from the ones in the living room.

Somehow I got by playing with spools of thread for dolls and making board games out of cake boxes. Necessity breeds creation, creation grows from imagination. It is for free. Of course someone wants to sell you something that is already free. This doesn’t mean you have to buy into it.

Listen to your little one playing by them self when you get the chance. The storylines, songs and character voices, those all flowed from their own 100 per cent free mind.

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