Introductions are in order

I’ve had quite a few new followers via e-mail, WordPress and Facebook (If you haven’t already, “Like” the page!) And I figured I should re-introduce myself on this blog. MUCH LOVE FOR ALL THE NEW AND CONTINUED SUPPORT XOXOXO

I’m a twenty-something mom  and soon-to-be-graduated journalism student. My five-year-old skateboarding ballerina has made me see things differently, and inspires me to really make some positive change in the world. She is my favourite song and my first love.

But, I will admit the girl is annoying. I always joke about her being the worst roommate ever. We’re a small family in a small apartment. It’s her, two cats and me. I need alone time. I have always found a retreat in reading and writing. A strange getaway from parenthood considering I write a lot about it.

After I became pregnant it came to my attention that all parents of all walks of life face societal expectations regarding how they parent.

And so my blog was born. Full of those awesome comebacks I thought of too late, but you can feel free to use them, my own confusion being a mom and research on what media, consumerism, feminism and classicism have to do with raising a family. Along with pictures and videos to make you smile.

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