OMG kid pictures on Facebook, waaaah

Parents get a lot of flack for posting pictures of their children on Facebook.


I’m not sure if it’s because the complainers are truly child-haters or jealous in the way I get when I see wedding photos or engagement announcements.

I don’t think anyone has the right to complain about when people post pics of their spawn, food, pets or what have you. No one is forced to be another’s Facebook friend. And who says your selfies are so hot to look at? I do. I love selfies.

I’ve also heard people complain that their friends with children talk too much about their youngins.

I’m going to try and explain why it is hard as a parent not to mention your children. Firstly, they are a major part of our day. When we are talking about day-to-day life and omit our kids, there won’t be much to talk about and it won’t be an honest depiction.

Another should-be-obvious answer is how social media has taken away the need for physical photo albums. It’s always been socially accepted to snap photos of your cutie and fill albums, to take out when guests come over for years to come. New technology and cameras as made things hella easier when it comes to this longstanding practice.

Also, being a parent is a crazy new experience. It’s like falling in love with a band for the first time, your first kiss, first relationship, first period, and orgasm. All these events are life changing and new. If you didn’t talk about them and sort these feelings out by talking with the people who you assume understand and care about you, your mind may explode.

But what about how your friend used to be, before kids? What about their individuality? Well, if you alienate them for pro-creating, they don’t have much of a world outside of parenthood, do they? It needs to be accepted that your friend has a very important little person in their life and this lil one is going to come up. If you aren’t comfortable with it, maybe it’s time to be honest and put that un-friend option to use.

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I would not write her a letter of recommendation

If she were a roommate and not my darling child I would notice the following …

Poor BB was pink for a bit too.
Poor BB was also painted …

She doesn’t help with the rent, but she eats all the groceries. She is making messes constantly, but does absolutely no housework. She hoards all the dishes and she borrows my stuff and breaks it. She is up all hours of the night making noise and partying with her friends, who are loud considering they are in her head. Which brings question to her sanity. I can never get any work done with her around.  She is overemotional and doesn’t respect personal boundaries. She is bossy for someone who contributes nothing. She embarrasses me in front of my friends and hits on my boyfriends. She opens my mail. She is clingy and possessive and calls me names. She un-ivites me to the birthday party she plans to have in our apartment at least once a day. She is stinky, she won’t bathe but she still manages to use all my Lush soap for something, I don’t know. She’s mean to my pets. She was a better tenant when she lived in my womb, she tricked me!

This is where I write about how she is not a roommate but my child, light of my life blah blah blah -or someone tells me I should’ve kept my legs closed for humour is lost on them, but I’ll delete the comment before it sees the light of WordPress.

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