The Other F Word

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“Maybe the way we change the world is by raising better kids and being more attentive to those kids.”

– Jim Lindberg

A 2011 documentary by Andrea Blaugrund Nevins looks into how fatherhood has changed the perspective of some veteran punk rockers; an endearing perspective and varied as it wasn’t entirely about fatherhood but getting older and changing ideals.

The Other F Word mainly follows Jim Lindberg of Pennywise but we also hear from Lars Fredricksen, Mark Hoppus, Rob Chaos, Tony Hawk, Rick Thorne and many more punk papas.

You’re going to smile when you hear Flea, his stories are pretty adorable. And if you’re like me you’ll be envious of Fat Mike‘s home decor. Then you’ll cry when Duane Peters shares the story of his son dying. So you’re getting a few different emotions thrown at ya. I personally liked how they talked about their own upbringings and how their pasts affect their parenting.

It isn’t too long either, so attention spans aren’t put to the test.

All in all, it was a good time, not an all time fave or anything but it was coolio enough and a neat idea for sure.

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