Single mommies aren’t monsters. Except for walking mummies.

I keep hearing that single moms are stupid.

What is never mentioned is that woman can’t actually impregnate herself like a Peaberry flower. There was a cisman in the equation at some point.

It isn’t always that the baby was “an accident” or not prepared for. Statistics Canada has stopped recording divorce rates but in 2010 CBC reported forty per cent of marriages end in divorce, and with less Canadian couples being married, as it says in the same article, even more unmarried with baby scenarios are involved. Life happens despite class and lifestyle.

This being said, surviving on one hindered income – employment comes next to motherhood, not everyone has available caregivers; you can’t pay for daycare or a baby sitter without an income.  That does not mean single mamas are constantly on the prowl for a dude to support them. We single (hetero) ladies get attracted to men the same way we did before baby. Sex is awesome, relationships are nice, animal instinct doesn’t go *poof* because of parenthood. And before I hear welfare rants go here where I’ve done the research. If you get pissed off and want to argue statistics and facts with your anecdotal evidence, you’re a moron and should just stop reading now.

We don’t need saving. Some guys think when trying to win over a single mother that bringing their child into it is the way to go. We’re not all looking for a new ‘daddy’. That’s not a mission I myself am on. Patience has a dad, whether I’m with him romantically or not. I don’t need to force her to call another man her father. If I ever get married or involved in a long-term relationship again I will let my partner and P decide what their relationship is. I will be in a relationship for love not to add a new parent to the roster. (Extra help would be awesome, but any parent in any situation would say that.)

Another myth is that the mother doesn’t let their child(ren) see their father. Though this may happen, like anything may happen, it is certainly not the case. Parents leave, both mothers and fathers, or one parent may be dangerous. Or sometimes the relationship between the parents didn’t work out and they remain civil, if not friends, and their little one(s) do not get harmed as a result.

Single moms are not stupid, dumb or unaware of birth control. We’re people, dudes. Find a new scapegoat for your own problems, read a book, educate yourself, I don’t really care.

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