Year Two

I started this blog because I was sick of strangers not minding their own fucking business when it came to raising my child.

It progressed to presenting facts and evidence contrary to ignorant people’s assumptions about parenthood (All single moms are the devil, people have children because the government will pay them millions plus a unicorn …) I’ve been told I should have kept my legs shut, I’ve been told I need help. I’ve also been thanked, and sent lovely e-mails saying there are those of you who feel the same way, or who now have a better understanding of parents. I’m not a perfect parent, far from. I’m a pretty fucked up, confused person. But I love my daughter, I love helping others, I love doing the research, and I fucking love writing. Misfit Matriarch has been around for a year now, and I’ll make sure to make the most of year two.

Wearing the crown XO


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