Lady and the Nerd

Nerd Girl was not having a good day.

Nerd Girl rocks!
Nerd Girl rocks!

She had taken her young one, Cherry Bomb, to the library. Cherry Bomb did not want to leave the admittedly wicked children’s section. Like any other rational human being would do; CB threw a tantrum. That had been her solution to everything for the past week. Screaming, tears, kicking, playing dead – a piñata of tantrum.

NG felt exhausted, CB had worn her down, crushed her spirits. She remembered watching a Louis CK clip where he said a girl becomes a woman when people come out of her vagina and step on their dreams. NG was a fucking woman that day. A glorious, worn down, depressed woman.

Our heroine took her spawn by the arm and said, we need to go home. When they started to cross the street Cherry Bomb halted to a stop. Despite Nerd Girl’s terrible back and Cherry Bomb’s double watermelon weight, NG picked CB up and brought her across, kicking and screaming. People stopped, people glared, cars slowed. Nerd Girl had grown accustomed to the glares; they were a part of her day-to-day life. Every step was a workout for our heroine. There was stalling, the constant soundtrack of screaming. Cherry Bomb’s shoe was untied. Nerd Girl bent down to tie it, and received a kick, followed by a tiny fisted punch. Fuck it, thought Nerd Girl, she will trip and smash her face and I won’t care.

The glares of passerby continued. Some strangers would stop the not so fantastic duo to say, looking shocked, “Her shoe is untied.” Nerd Girl would mumble something resembling a thank you and forced a smile. A kind of crazy smile that rested under the very eyes looking at the cars driving by. If I were to just throw myself in front of traffic … “Excuse me,” says another stranger, “Her shoe is untied.” As if this renegade mini rope was the cause of Cherry Bomb’s explosions.

By the final should-be-five-minute-but-will-be-twenty-minute-at-least walk, Nerd Girl was ready to cry. She saw a woman approaching from the other side of the street. Black suit, shiny, va va voom hair, in tact stockings and picture ready face. This woman looked at NG and CB. Prepared for another alarmed reaction to an untied Converse, prepared to let this woman know exactly how much she didn’t care Nerd Girl was not prepared for what this woman said. “It’ll get better,” she said, with a smile and a knowing chuckle.

The woman walked away, the angel in a suit. Though interrupted by tiny kicks, NG almost floated home, cape dancing in the wind. That woman was AWESOME.

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