Media series conclusion

After taking a gender specific look at negative media influence on children here’s my two cents on how the two worlds collide (Keep in mind this has been some pretty basic information. We’re not taking the in depth look going into religion, sexual orientation, race, income level etc.)

Children are constantly growing and absorbing everything. If you’re around a child often enough you’ll notice that they’ve adopted your favourite expressions or roll their eyes the same way as your mother-in-law. That’s the child’s immediate influence, admittedly a major one.

How about the media influence coming from billboards, buses, bus stops, TV, movies … While kids are still figuring out if the monsters in their closet are real or not, they are expected to decipher media from reality? Marketing companies are betting on this confusion to get into children’s wallets before they even have pants with pockets to keep them in. This can be found in subtle billboard ads to the blatant made for kid’s reach placement of candy and toys in a store.

It is sad to think even our children can’t be exempt from this big all consuming moneymaking machine.

And then it can get dangerous.

When one sex is being taught that they cannot have strong, loving emotions and that they have to be macho while the other is being taught they need to be loving, docile, pushovers. That’s a dangerous combination for obvious reasons.

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