Media: Four part series

Writing about the media and it’s effect on children is no easy task.

Not only is it a complex issue, full of many sub-issues, there is an information overload due to so much, well, media. The same thing that provides us the opportunity for entertainment and enlightenment debilitates us from these benefits. It’s a real pickle we’re in. We have broadcast, print, Internet and outdoor media. We have advertisements “needing” to use more and more shocking images to catch consumer interest in a world of so much of everything. How do we teach children the difference between reality and what they see everywhere when they are still figuring the world out. It’s a blurry enough issue for many adults; we have post-secondary school courses on the matter, people make a living studying this stuff. Here I am, at 26, still shocked.

Females are seen as docile, needy, sex objects. Males are seen as stupid macho jocks or stupid and lazy. These two ideas put together end in catastrophe. These two ideas on their own end in personal conflict.

I am going to look at media affects on males, females and then what happens when the two worlds meet over the next month weeks. The last post will include a reference guide to the great books, sites and organizations out there with education on the topic. Please feel free to contact me or comment (Please read Commenting Policy) with your thoughts and questions.

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