Mommy Wars – Leslie Morgan Steiner

“Mommy wars” is a term used when stay-at-home moms are pitted against their paid-working counterparts.

The book Mommy Wars, edited by Leslie Morgan Steiner, is a collection of essays by 26 mothers talking about their own experiences.

It is promoted as “26 stay-at-home and career moms face off on their choices, their lives, and their families.” I personally think that summary does the book injustice and feeds into the pit-women-against-each-other mentality.

Image from Leslie Morgan Steiner’s website

The book isn’t about these women bashing each other, but explaining their choices, their life and their realizations. It serves as a way to put the shoe on the other foot. It also recognizes that stay-at-home and working are never as simple as their titles. There are women with a foot in each world. It looks at how income, race, upbringing, philosophies and education come into play among other interesting food for thought.

Though the title isn’t my favourite, it’s a worthwhile read. An added bonus for myself is the contributors are all mothers and writers – inspired!

Steiner is the author of Crazy Love, a memoir about her abusive first marriage. Haven’t read it yet but if you have, what did you think?

**UPDATE** Crazy Love was a good, relatable read. Though it tells the story of a textbook case of an abusive relationship, it is a memoir, thus doesn’t read like a textbook. I recommend this book!

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