Zine proceeds go to AIDS walk

Our bud Nathan MacKinnon is walking in Scotiabank AIDS Walk For Life. From now until September 22 all zine profits from Misfit Matriarch’s Etsy shop will go towards sponsoring him.

Let’s get those productive feel good vibes going with a side of fun reading. Extra good news is Misfit Matriarch #2: Summer Hissy Fits will be released September 20th so if you already bought Misfit Matriarch #1: Nine Months of Blogging (and you don’t want another?!) you can still help out.

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XOXO Misfit

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Running With Scissors again

Due to the popularity of my post singing praises for stay at home mommy run shop Running With Scissors, I’m showing off a custom made piece!

I get a lot of compliments on my Patience necklace, as well as several other pieces I’ve picked up (and been gifted from lovely friends)

So you’re seeing it in mirror mode but you get the drift!

Enter coupon code 1HOTPOSTMAN for free shipping!

Baby Bear approved!

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Angelina Wrona’s Hive

When I was in Quebec City last week I picked up some Angelina Wrona prints.

I want to collect every one to hang in my bedroom, I’m at ten now so I have a ways to go, I simply adore her work. Anyhoo, one of the three I picked up from Quebec Images was Hive. Figured it was appropriate enough to share here.

Image from AngelinaWrona.ca

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Tattoos for our babies

“They are my absolute prized tattoos!”

Shanda Sedore says of the work honouring her two lil ones. I love these tattoos too, and it  doesn’t hurt that they were done by my dear friend Ryan Howe (formerly) at Lost Anchor.

Sedore says her daughter Becky, 7, looks exactly like Gwen from Nightmares and Fairy Tales by Serena Valentino and FSc. She says that Becky has shown an inspirational strength when facing obstacles which can be compared to the stories of Annabelle the Ragdoll.

Image from Google Books

“The little boy is a direct comic carbon copy of my son Matt,” Sedore said. Howe drew the boy to match the Gwen/Becky style.

“The doll [Matt] holds is Lenore: The Cute Little Dead Girl by Roman Dirge, which was the very first comic series I fell in love with.”

Comics are a passion Sedore shares with her 9-year-old son, whom she says gave her purpose at a time where she felt a lost soul.

Comic strip from Dirge’s official site spookyland.com

“My children and I have overcome some tragic times and terrible obstacles [such as mental illness]. As well as celebrated many wonderful triumphs.”

These pieces represent my children, the placement represents our family support, strength and unity EVERY step through life! [Misfit note: best placement explanation I’ve heard!] There is much more to these pieces but further meaning is far too personal for blogging, but I know how deep it goes. Wherever my next chapter leads me in the afterlife, I know they will be walking with me there too .”

I write other stuff too! Check out HillaryDiMenna.com