Seven things she’ll miss

She hates these things now …

1. Naps

It’s what we adults did before drinking coffee. Best Health says a 20 to 90 minute nap can make you alert, lose weight, produce serotonin and get a better sleep at night, among other benefits. Yet kids have no idea how awesome they have it. THEY GET TO NAP AT SCHOOL. You can’t get away with that stuff anymore.

2. Hair done

While adults schedule and pay fees to have their tresses washed, trimmed and styled, children everywhere are freaking out by the sight of a comb or bottle of shampoo.

3. Nail care

Same as above really; mani pedi combos are a luxury people shell out big bucks for.

4. The time to be bored

Be it modern day sensory overload or higher expectations, adults are always freaking out saying there is not enough time in the day. Meanwhile kiddos can sit amongst a pile of toys and complain about being bored due to their abundance of time.

5. Flattery

Maybe I wouldn’t need therapy if people, friends, family, strangers, fawned over me constantly telling me how awesome I am.

6. Being pushed around in a stroller

Cries of wanting to run around will soon be drowned out with age and aching muscles.

7. Not having to wear clothes

Pretty sure children know this is awesome. At my age it’s socially unacceptable – you can’t even be seen without looking immaculate if you want to avoid judging stare downs in the streets.

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