Broken Arts Fest 2012

Saturday was great! Thanks to all those that came by, zines went fast! I know everyone couldn’t make it, what with work schedules and countries dividing us. Luckily, there are 10 copies left ready to be shipped. It was a great day and I met some great people. It’s neat…Continue Reading

Misfit Matriarch Zine

Getting sticky fingers over here! This Saturday Misfit Matriarch #1 will be available at Broken Arts Fest 2012. Head over to Memorial Park in Oshawa and pick up a copy! I write other stuff too! Check out


With my struggle in teaching my daughter female empowerment amidst her Disney daydreams, I was intrigued by Brave’s hype. It would be nice to see a girl character as something other than a princess, but it’s a big step and a princess can still be cool, like The Paper Bag…Continue Reading