We need to calm the eff down

It’s justifiably a worst nightmare, but child abduction in Canada is not the norm. Missing Children Society of Canada looked at the 46,718 missing children recorded by the RCMP in 2011. The majority were runaways, parental kidnapping accounted for 145 and a stranger kidnapping was 25. Though absolutely horrifying, one missing child is…Continue Reading

Seven things she’ll miss

She hates these things now … 1. Naps It’s what we adults did before drinking coffee. Best Health says a 20 to 90 minute nap can make you alert, lose weight, produce serotonin and get a better sleep at night, among other benefits. Yet kids have no idea how awesome they…Continue Reading

Broken Arts Fest 2012

Saturday was great! Thanks to all those that came by, zines went fast! I know everyone couldn’t make it, what with work schedules and countries dividing us. Luckily, there are 10 copies left ready to be shipped. It was a great day and I met some great people. It’s neat…Continue Reading