Ultrasound craft ideas

A peek at some ultrasound art.

Trying to put the scraps from baby gift packaging to good use I made a collage for my baby’s ultrasound pictures (Her foot prints were later added too.)

I cut a piece of cardboard from one of the boxes and wrapped it with wrapping paper scraps. I then decorated it with images from gift bags before pasting the ultrasound pictures on. The piece hangs on P’s bedroom wall, a gift box lid is glued to the collage’s back for easy mounting.

Seeing as it has been over four years, I really should get around to covering them with something like a sticky laminate page. Laminating your ultrasound pictures will make them turn black because of the paper they are printed on, photocopies can be laminated though 🙂

Lil  Sugar has some ideas. I like the silhouette wall art from Simply Silhouettes the best, and the cupcake toppers are cute.

Image from Simply Silhouettes

What have you parents out there done with your ultrasound pictures? Please share 🙂

Thank you to Babywaves 4D of Columbus, GA for sharing my craft idea!

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  1. I have just put the best one in a frame, and then the other ones I scrap booked. I now have two sets of ultrasound pics from this last pregnancy, and I have not done anything with them. They are still on the fridge. I need to do something though. Thanks for sharing these ideas!

    I am visiting from Bloggy Moms. Glad I found you! 😉

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