Take notes!

I understand this is a little late, admittedly I am not very up to date pop culture wise.

When Sean “Diddy” Combs’s son, Justin, heard of Beyonce’s pregnancy he tweeted, “Beyonce dated, married, THEN got pregnant… young ladies take notes”

Did Justin take notes when learning about the birds and the bees? It takes both a lady and gent. And did his dad get that memo, because Sean has fathered five kids, by different women, and hasn’t married.

I personally don’t care if someone is married before, after or ever when they have children, or how many different parent partners they have. If this guy does he could’ve thought a wee bit before sending his golden rules out to the world wide web.

He can certainly have an opinion but when he sends it out there, given his celebrity status, it becomes more than that. I assumed – wrongly I’m sure- celeb families were given media training.

What he made public was not only hypocritical (Unless the statement only applies to women as it is addressed to “young ladies”, but what does that say about his feelings towards his own mother? Or was she an older mother thus exempt?

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2 thoughts on “Take notes!

  1. Thanks for visiting 🙂

    I love your last statements, simple yet so hard to explain to some.
    Nothing guarantees a perfect, or even tolerable, outcome. Whenever people gripe about others not waiting until the right time to have kids I cringe. Life can change from good to bad without notice, no one knows what is down the road for them.

  2. Sadly, I saw a few RTs when it came out. I like how you flagged the young ladies part. Totally agree with you re: the marriage part. People can do it all “right” as Justin says and it still doesn’t guarantee a happy outcome. Same goes for the opposite.

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