Nice things! (We can have them) Blankets, crafts and my new baby

Some neat lil things.

So I wanted to get something special for my newest buddy-to-be who may be born by the time you are reading this 🙂 The blanket and patch were purchased from two lovely shops on Etsy.

To Raelyn Love, P, Hillary and Baby Bear (Uncle BB)


I love this blanket! The best part is probably the stitching I did to sew the patch on (Sorry friends if the stitching comes out )

I wish I folded the corner up before giving it to Mama and Papa to show off the comfy, green inside. The shoe print is coolio and I kinda wanted to keep it for myself but guilt would consume me with every snuggle. Check out RockerByeBaby for lots of cute stuff – like their skull owl rattles.

Pic from RockerByeBaby

The patch is from zJayne, an eco-friendly shop that uses 100% recycled products. The patch was made from recycled t-shirts. I’m going to get a patch for my lil girl’s blanket, they’re too neat not to.

Next up is … one of our more successful crafts. Oshawa’s Robert McLaughlin Gallery is asking people to personalize postcards with their Summer favourite creative project. We do a lot of collages at our house, they are my long time vice. They’re easy and don’t require as much skill as I like to think, regarding my own. I’m sure there are top notch collage artists out there. Collages can be time  consuming if you need  a break from the kiddo. Messes can easily happen but a few moments peace can be worth it,what’s an extra glue stain in the grand scheme of things?

You can see by my rolled flowers I take this stuff seriously, no big deal. My favourite creative project, this summer, has been gardening with my cat. P’s has been “I like love.”

And now … I present to you … BABY BEAR aka BB the Cat aka the love of my life.

You are in awe aren’t you? I know. Did you know I was this cat crazy? I thought I did but this love is pretty intense even for me. I’m glad you’ve met him and that I got this out of my system. He was adopted through Animal Rescue Krew, ARK


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