My Baby Rides the Short Bus

My Baby Rides the Short Bus – The unabashedly human experience of raising kids with disabilities.

Three moms met on an online alternative parenting board, leading to hosting a 2004 disabilities and parenting workshop, leading to a zine on the same topic which lead to this amazing book. Edited by Yantra Bertelli, Jennifer Silverman, and Sarah Talbot, this book of essays by parents raising children with special needs was published by PM Press.

I can not relate, though I can cry and laugh at these honest and fabulously written works. I was lucky enough to find this book at a Kensington Market Pedestrian Sunday. You can find it on PM Press’s official site¬†or visit and love your local library. For my readers residing near me the Oshawa Libraries do not have it but the Whitby Public Library does.

I highly recommend reading this book, which manages to evoke every emotion one may have.

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