Product X

Oh my God! This is the best thing ever! Orgasmic! Better than sex, food, friendship, love. Why, it makes my whites whiter! It makes my sink sparkle! It gives me an excuse to drop money on spreading something on dishes before I wash them with more products! Oh woweee I…Continue Reading

Ultrasound craft ideas

A peek at some ultrasound art. Trying to put the scraps from baby gift packaging to good use I made a collage for my baby’s ultrasound pictures (Her foot prints were later added too.) I cut a piece of cardboard from one of the boxes and wrapped it with wrapping…Continue Reading

Take notes!

I understand this is a little late, admittedly I am not very up to date pop culture wise. When Sean “Diddy” Combs’s son, Justin, heard of Beyonce’s pregnancy he tweeted, “Beyonce dated, married, THEN got pregnant… young ladies take notes” Did Justin take notes when learning about the birds and…Continue Reading

Table Fellowship

I may not follow many social norms, like showering regularly, wearing shoes or politely chuckling as opposed to cackling loudly. However, I like eating together as a family. There’s research (Time Healthland,, Science Daily) finding the health benefits of eating together: decreased obesity, improved social skills, easy on the…Continue Reading