Mother knows best? Of course, well, kinda …

Stay in this box, that is what's best.
Stay in this box, that is what’s best.

Mother knows best. I tell my lil one this all the time, along with how I’m the smartest person in the world and letting her know who the boss is in our dynamic duo (Which really seems to be her but she thankfully cannot read this complex sentence.)

I’m not sure if parents truly believe they know what’s best, I don’t know anything it seems. Whenever I get to thinking I have a handle on things, my daughter will have a growth spurt, a new interest, new friend … TV is bad, well she loves performing so is it so bad? Girly toys are sexist, she loves all that stuff and when asked why she says, “Ladies are beautiful.” Do I take the stroller, she’s too big for the stroller, but she can nap in the stroller. Eat healthy, and get rewarded with a treat. Let the kid tantrum, shut the kid up.

This isn’t a case of parents having kids too soon, it’s a case of humans don’t know anything about anything when it comes to interacting with each other. Once it is accepted that your child is its own person it becomes easier. But it really doesn’t, because why the eff can’t you get a handle on YOUR own child?

It is your responsibility to make sure your child obeys all the rules you stumble to find important while raising them to be an individual. No one finds this easy. Facebook pictures don’t depict the whole story, they are what we look at when our children are freaking out to remember why we haven’t dropped them off at the local pound.

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