People lovingly called me Juno in my final trimester when the movie was in theatres.

At first I loved the movie because it was cute, witty and made being pregnant feel not so weird for me, a girl whose friends and then fiancé were still heavy drinkers, partying in my apartment while I tried to keep smiling and awake.

Re-watching Diablo Cody’s movie now, it’s so much more. The main character, Juno MacGuff (Ellen Page) is a sixteen-year-old girl, still spending her money on Big Gulps, who gets pregnant; something “grown up”. Something that makes the technician who does her ultra-sound condescending, something that makes a grown man betray her trust by coming on to her.  Juno faces alienation from schoolmates and the gap that grows between her and her best-friend/love interest/father of her child is sad to see.

Yes, she brings life in the world, but the feet in those hospital bed stirrups are covered in rainbow-striped socks.

The story about the adoptive parents, Mark and Vanessa (Jason Bateman and Jennifer Garner shows how a child I the family can put strain on a marriage.

The punch of pregnancy, babies, life; I haven’t met anyone of any age who can say they weren’t hit with a childlike confusion.

Vanessa: “How do I look?”

Bren: “Like a new mom, scared shitless”

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