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  1. WELL STATED!!! Here’s to mothers and children everywhere who share mutual respect with or without a little help along the way. Quote of the day from Great Grandma: “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world”. Cheers to our future, our children.

  2. @Be Professional, “You owe them”??!?!
    Mother’s pay taxes too, FYI, when they buy things, pay rent, or collect money.
    The people getting tax breaks because they are stupidly rich are the ones who owe society. Not our mothers.
    Mothers deserve more than the small amount they get from the government and deserve any and all breaks, so that they can raise good kids who will also be future tax payers paying partly for your pension too. And age doesn’t determine raising a good kid either.

    Why shouldn’t we want an innocent child to have the best life as possible? Are you a child hater? A misogynist? Or just simply let other people’s decisions effect you to the point where you have to belittle people?
    We should be supporting one another as human beings, no matter if a baby was planned or not. In Hillary’s case it was, so your personal attacks are not even valid which she has pointed out. It’s human nature to make babies and although it is a big decision, I’m not sure why you are so inconvenienced by this blog or anyone else’s choices.

    You also cannot make such blanket statements about younger mothers assuming they all just simply don’t know they’re options for birth control and that’s why they’re young and thus poor.
    Well, you can I suppose, but it’s remarkably ignorant.
    See, the things you have problems with have solutions that could be made possible with a little help from everyone, but I’m sure you aren’t interested in real progress, just complaining.
    Poverty reduction does not begin with taking away services. It’s backwards thinking, and will get backwards results. Less funding, more poverty, more sickness, more babies going hungry, more drug abuse, more crime, more money on prisons and health care.
    What’s wrong with the system we have now is that it’s not enough help and people who are PRIVILEGED aren’t paying their fair share. We want people in the best situation possible, no matter their past, so that the economy can stabilize. The entitled class don’t tend to like this, which doesn’t surprise me seeing as the rich need people to be poor so they’re desperate enough to work for the slave wages that are provided to us and do the dirty work for them.

    Mother’s are not abusing anything, they are doing one of the hardest jobs in existence while struggling with the abuse of people stereotyping, discriminating, and pushing them down at every turn when they’re trying to keep their head just slightly above water up for the sake of their children and their well being. You should be making an apology now.

  3. Oh shucks, I forgot to add. In your last comment you said I can’t handle a different opinion, do some reading (that involves reading every word, darling, I’m sure you can do it!) and look at the other comments on how someone expressed an opposing opinion in a grown-up way.

  4. I think it’s hilarious you’re trying to give me an English lesson when your stuff is riddled with poor grammar.

    I didn’t say the smokers thing was my opinion it is a common debate. Also, I do pay taxes for the supports out there for everyone and don’t mind a bit. If I did I’d leave Canada instead of whining.

    My daughter was planned, I was engaged. Do your research on my self-involved blog. I’m also just dandy financially, my Oshawhat article wasn’t about me, I don’t “collect” anything. I am very educated and didn’t get school for free. There’s a difference between something you “know” and “believe”.

    I haven’t complained about deadbeats or government funding. In the Oshawhat article I mention they are appreciated services.

    And awwwww you think I’m a teen? Thank you! I do try to take care of myself.


  5. FYI The short form for example is actually e.g.
    Also i think it is pretty silly that you don’t think smokers should get health care, but people who had children when they couldn’t afford them should get money to support said children. Especially when single mothers also receive child support from the fathers, or at least that’s who they should be getting their money from.

    Once again the smokers pay taxes that pay for their own health care, AND smoking is legal so if the government had a problem with smokers they wouldn’t be selling them. Just so you know I bet a lot of your government cheques that you’ve been collecting for 4 years because you couldn’t figure out how to use a condom or take a pill or get an IUD or any of the MANY different kinds of birth control available, come from cigarettes taxes.

    Also I happen to know for a fact that single mothers get a lot of breaks, cheaper to free schooling, so stop and take a look at what you got from being uneducated and being a teen mom e.g. child support from the father, mothers allowance from the government and now free/discounted schooling (which FYI your schooling that you don’t pay for because your a single mother is ALSO paid by the tax payers)

    So when you go to complain about government funding or dead beat fathers not paying child support think about how long the tax payers have been supporting you and realize you owe them.

  6. I appreciate what you’re saying. Absolutely there are flaws, I’ve been effected very powerfully, in a negative way, by them. In the end of the day, I’d rather my tax money be spent on social causes even if they aren’t in my favour. Ex. the debate whether smokers should continue to get free health care.

    In your situation, that says a mouthful regarding wages these days and I understand the frustration. I’m not sure how these ladies pull off making more though. I know I get the most you can benefits wise and that comes to about $400 combined. Next year that will be lower since my daughter turns five. I’m not on OW, though what they report giving isn’t much.

  7. i would just like to point out, that in no way does her article talk about her wishing she didn’t have to grow up. You clearly didn’t read through the article, but simple grabbed snippits of what you wanted to use to created a FALSE platform to curse at someone in a public forum. If you have constructive feedback, im sure it would be welcomed. Next time, act like an adult and use your big girl/ boy words. God help your children if you are lucky enough to have any; they’ll need it with a parent like you. You should be ashamed.

    PS. I would also like to point out that the pregnancy rate has yet again dropped in 2012.

  8. THere are actually women I know that are on welfare/baby bonus that have numerous children and bring in what I do monthly – but I work 40 hours a week. I am not questioning the validity of your article, and I very much respect what you have to say. My point is just that therea are flaws in the system, and people do take advantage. I like to think that the vast majority of people are not this way.

  9. Considering the lack of a thorough sex ed class in 2012 that is pretty sad. You have also posted anonymously on the Oshawhat website, complaining about accidental pregnancies. That’s not the point of the article at all and that’s made pretty clearly. I have reason to doubt you even read the article that offended you so. Just a tip – consider your grammar and spelling next time you attack intelligence.

  10. I know it changed my life. The blog isn’t bitching it’s supposed to be a humorous take. I am going to be working for a parenting magazine in the future, moron.

  11. This article is highly offensive. There isn’t one part of it where you mention at all that it is a bit ridiculous that in 2012 there are so many ppl getting pregnant when they dont have the funds to support themselves let alone a child. CONDOMS ARE FREE AND BIRTH CONTROL IS VERY AFFORDABLE. This blog is just you bitching about how having a baby changed your life, of course it fucking did!!! If you wanted to stay a kid you should have kept your legs closed.

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